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  • TOPLINE® Tilt Bed

    Heavy Duty Hauling Made Simple with the Topline® Series I-Beam Tilt Bed Trailer. 

    The Topline Series I-Beam Tilt Bed Equipment Trailer is our commercial grade split deck, tilt trailer in our line-up of equipment models. It offers a balanced gravity tilting deck, with your choice of a 4’ or 6’ stationary front deck. This gives storage room for your cargo up front and convenient loading for equipment like skid steers, tractors, cars and more. 

    Designed with a variety of payload capacities, the Topline Tilt Bed comes standard with a custom bulkhead with added tie-off points, large d-rings, and oversized stake pockets to safely secure your loads. A knife-edge dovetail provides ideal load angle for low-clearance equipment. The oversized toolbox features self-triggering light and enough storage for a battery and straps. 

    Experience the ease of the Topline I-Beam Tilt Bed Trailer on your next haul.

    • Features

      • Extended (72") Tongue
      • HD Bulkhead with Integrated Tie-Down Points
      • Sealed Wiring Harness
      • Welded Rear Board Retainers
      • 4-1/2" Oversized 1/4" Thick Stake Pockets
      • (4) 3/4" D-Rings
      • Banjo Tie-Downs in Dovetail
      • Spare Tire Mount
      • Integrated Oversized Toolbox
      • Self-Triggering Interior Light and Battery Storage
      • Recessed High-Visibility Rear Marker Lights
      • Hydraulic Cushion Load Cylinder
      • Cylinder Shut-Off Valve
      • Easy Locking Tilt Bed Latch
      • Balanced Gravity Tilt
      • Limited 3-Year Warranty
    • Model Specs

    Color: Black
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