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Standard Frame Hi-Deck Trailer

Standard Frame Hi-Deck Trailer

H&H is proud to manufacture our trailers in the U.S.A.  Since 1993, the H&H brand has been hand crafted in America’s heartland by people who take pride in building the longest-lasting, best-engineered trailers on the market. We don’t skimp on materials and we don’t cut corners on quality. We offer the largest selection of standard models in the business and we can customize your trailer from hitch to gate, giving you exactly the trailer you need for every job. For your job.

  • Features

    • Standard torque tube system eliminates any unwanted side-to-side twist! If you've ever pulled a trailer without these, you will notice the difference immediately on an H&H.
    • 3" channel steel cross members full weld conjoined to frame on 16" centers. Semi-trailer style cross members give you the ultimate trailer.
    • 12" wide flange 14lb/ft I-beam frame and neck - built for heavy service.
    • Standard drop-down nose on neck eliminates excessive coupler flex under heavy load...this eliminates that "jerking" sensation you've felt from the driver's seat on other trailers.
    • 2 5/16" adjustable height gooseneck coupler with heavier load ratings.
    • Custom cut and fitted bi-fold high tensile strength steel neck gussets.
    • Standard chain storage tray included on every trailer at front of deck.
    • Standard bed access steps and grab handles on either side of neck.
    • 10 gauge stake pockets with inverted rub rails.
    • Treated 2x8 wood flooring with a Supplier's lifetime warranty against rot.
    • Tandem 7000lb slipper sprung axles with 4-wheel brakes. 14000lb GVWR.
    • 235/80r16 10ply radial tire on steel wheels
    • LED, DOT compliant lighting and break-away brake actuation system.
    • Dual 12000lb spring loaded drop-leg jack standard. Spring loaded foot retracts automatically for easy stowing.
    • 5' deluxe and super deluxe only two ramps to choose from.
    • sealed wiring harness
    • Recessed spare mount
    • Powder Coat Steel Finish

    Powder Coat Finish Standard on all Steel Open Trailers by H&H Trailers® H&H steel open trailers all come standard with a super durable, TGIC-free polyester high gloss powder coating.  In combination with our steel blasting preparation, H&H powder coating process provides many benefits:

    • Better corrosion resistance & adhesion
    • Superior durability
    • UV Protection
    • Impact Resistance
    • Superior gloss & color retention
    • Meets AAMA 2604 specifications
    • Environmentally friendly

    Please note:  Black Gloss Powder Coat is standard on all steel open trailers.  Color upgrades may result in an additional fee.

  • Model Specs

    Model 102" x 20' + 5' 102" x 25' + 5'
    Deck Length 20' 25'
    Gross Capacity(GVWR) 14000 14000
    Overall Length 33' 6" 38' 6"
    Overall Width 102" 102"
    Deck Height 33" 33"
    Empty Weight 5525 6190
    Payload Capacity  8475 7810

    All weights are approximate and are based on the standard model (adding options may increase the empty weight). Trailer weights may vary. Weights are calculated in pounds (lbs).

  • Model Options


    • Kingpin Insert Coupler


    • Kiln Dried Treated Lumber
    • Steel Diamond Plate Deck

    Dovetail & Ramps

    • DBC Dovetail/Ramp combo (2) 30" x 57" bob cat ramps


    • Tag Hitch – convert gooseneck to bumper pull


    • 2-Speed Drive Dual Big 12K Jacks
    • Big Foot Gooseneck Hydraulic Electric Dual 12K Jacks


    • 24” & 48" Toolbox – placed under deck


    • Torsion Electric Axles

    Tie Downs

    • D-rings
    • 3/8 rub rail
    • d rings


    • Spare Tire and Wheel
    • Aluminum Wheels


    • Winch Sliding Winch
    • Gooseneck Height – increases height to 12”
    • Super Winch
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